The Nerveless Nocks


The Nerveless Nocks

Inducted into the Ring of Fame: 1995

Circus Profession: Aerial Thrill Family

Established: 1840

nerveless nocks

The Nock family circus and entertainment roots date back to the early 1700s and were legally established as Switzerland’s first circus in the year of 1840, legally acknowledged by the Swiss government. The Nock family has produced the finest live circus and thrill shows for over 9 generations. The Original Nocks performed for Queen Elizabeth in 1954 as a command performance in London, England and after their performance for the Queen she named them Nerveless and the name was created.

The original Nerveless Nocks consisted of Charles Nock, Dorothy Nock, Eugene Nock Sr., Elizabeth Nock Bauer and Joseph Bauer. They first performed in the United States in 1954 headlining the Greatest Show on Earth for then Circus owners John and Henry Ringling North. The Nerveless Nocks headlined the show for the next four consecutive years with their Sway Pole extravaganza and also performing The Aerial Balancing Ladder.



In 1956, Eugene Nock Sr. married circus great Aurelia Canestrelli while performing on the Greatest Show on Earth. The Nerveless Nocks then went on to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9th 1964, the same episode as the Beatles.  They also performed alongside the great Mitzi Gaynor and Davie Jones from the Monkees, and in The New York World’s Fair, The Montreal Exhibition, Walt Disney’s Disney on Parade and Peter Pan World Wide Touring Shows, headlining all the greatest Circuses and State Fairs worldwide.

The Nock children, Eugene Nock Jr., John Nock, Michelangelo Nock and Bello Nock, the comic daredevil Clown, were taught every aspect of entertainment from their talented parents, Eugene and Aurelia and their Uncle Pio Nock.

To this day subsequent generations of the original Nock family are still active in aerial thrills, stunt shows, aviation, comedic thrills and event and show production.

The Nock family are recognized leaders in live event entertainment and have received many accolades and awards.

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