CLASS OF 2018 – INDUCTION, JANUARY 13, 2018, 2:00 PM

THE FREDONIAS – Famous as Risley performers, this family dates their act to Germany in the 1030’s, and following dates with Bertram Mills at the Olympia in London 1950-51, they came to RBBB, being featured in the movie The Greatest Show On Earth. From ’57 to ’62, they appeared with Polack Brothers, then followed with the RBBB European tour and the exchange show sent to Moscow. Appearances included twice on Ed Sulllivan, the Riviera and Dunes in Las Vegas, five years with Holiday on Ice and others. Their family included Alfred, his wife, Elli, their daughter Ilona, Alfred’s cousin Bernd (Bubbles) Gohlke, and Jans Juergen Klose. They originated a number of their Risley tricks, and set the world standards for this unique circus discipline

CEDRIC WALKER – For almost 25 years, Cedric has been living his dream of bringing top-notch entertainment to families with his UniverSoul Circus, the most energetic show on the road. He started his career in show business in the 70’s touring with the Commodores, and later promoted the Jackson Five. After organizing and producing festivals and successful gospel plays in the 80’s, his vision for creating expanded opportunities for talented black performers led his to creating UniverSoul. His wife Cynthia is entrusted with discovering new talent from across the globe, and this sold-out show never disappoints. He is a true pioneer and deserving of recognition from the circus community, of which he has become a major part.

URSULA BÖETTCHER  – Ursula is remembered and revered for her incredible, stunning performances with a ring full world’s most dangerous animals, Polar Bears. Her diminutive size, paired with enormity of these magnificent creatures, thrilled circus audiences starting in the 60’s performing in the German Democratic Republic. This sensational act was seen here with the RBBB Blue Unit in 1976-77, and returned to that show in 1980-81, following two years at Circus World in Florida. After returning to Europe, she headlined several circuses, and in 1983 received the Nice-Matin prize in Monte Carlo. Her favorite companion in the ring was Alaska, who towered over her, and provided the famous ‘kiss’ prior to exiting at the end of each performance.

THE RAMON ESPAÑA FAMILY– THE FLYING ESPAÑAS includes brothers and sisters Ramon (Monchis) Gladis, Carolina, Irene, Noe and Ivan. Their original act consisting of the first three eldest siblings, came to the U.S. in the mid 1970’s directly from their celebrated run with Mexico’s Circo Atayde. Their creativity and elegant, modernized flying trapeze style set new standards and inspired trapeze artists ever since. It was not long before they expanded into a second act and starred in circuses all over the states, including a long run with RBBB. They won the Silver Clown award at Monte Carlo. The family expanded to include giant wheel, motorcycle globe and other acts, perpetuating their star and welcomed presence in the American Circus.

CHUCK “CHUCKO” SIDLOW – is first generation clown, well known, especially in Sarasota. He made his circus debut with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey in December of 1977, and never looked back. The great Lou Jacobs chose Chucko to be the “youngest” boss clown ever on RBBB. He was with the show through 1984, and also appeared with the show in Japan. He clowned for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. In Sarasota he is recognizable for his interactive make-up video at the Ringling Museum, and his association with Circus Arts Conservatory, Circus Sarasota, Laughter Unlimited program, the Miracle League of Sarasota and multiple events. He has been the MC for the Ring of Fame inductions for several years.