Each year, the Circus Ring of Fame elects a few new members and inducts them in mid-January of the following year.

Candidates may be proposed by anyone. Candidates may either be an individual or a group/act of two or more, may either be active or retired and living or deceased.  The candidate’s involvement or association with the circus must have been for a substantial number of years and the candidate(s) must have played a featured or major role in the circus.  Most importantly, the candidate must have made a significant contribution to the circus.

Names of those propopsed as candidates should be sent to: Circus Ring of Fame, P.O. Box 50724, Sarasota, FL  34232

The deadline for receipt of candidate submissions is March 31 of each year.  Submissions must be in writing and must include at least the following information about the candidate:

  1. Address, if living (if deceased, name and address of a principal contact).
  2. Telephone number, if living (or for contact if deceased).
  3. Circus profession.
  4. Date of birth.
  5. Location of birth.
  6. If deceased, date of death.
  7. Why candidate should be a Ring member (i.e. what significant contribution(s) has candidate made to the circus?)

Additional information pertaining to the candidate may be submitted and is encouraged.  Also, submission forms are available though not required.  Should you want a form, please specify whether it is for a performer, non-performer or administrator.

From among the candidates, the Ring’s Selection and Induction Committee selects as nominees those who are the best qualified to become members.  Nominees’ names appear on the final membership ballot that is sent to living Ring members and closest living survivors of deceased members.  The nominees receiving the greatest number of their votes become new Ring members and are inducted in the following January.

Public announcement of the new members’ identities is not made until sponsorships are secured, usually in late summer.  Aside from naming the new members, it is the Ring’s policy not to make public any information regarding the voting, nor the names of those on the ballot.

Nominees who are not elected to membership but who receive votes on at least 20% of the ballots cast are carried over automatically as nominees on the following year’s ballot.  Those who are not elected and who receive votes on fewer than 20% of the ballots, are ineligible for the following two years.

Those candidates who were not selected to appear on the new member ballot are not carried forward for consideration in the following year. It is the responsibility of the Ring of Fame to secure sponsors for each newly elected member.  In doing so, it needs help both from the new members as well as their proposers in identifying possible sources for sponsorship.